Jorja Kennel Range

The Jorja Kennel range was designed so that best friends could sleep together. Why buy two separate kennels when one will do, especially if your furry friends enjoy sleeping and curling up with one another. Our Jorja Kennel range offers dogs a spacious living experience while still enjoying each other’s company. Options to keep the standard internal space and have only one entrance is also available on request.

Jorja Kennel Range by Wood Concept

Size Guide

Price Guide

Jorja Kennel Range
Natural FinishPainted Finish
XsmallR1 795,00R2 495,00
SmallR2 615,00R3 565,00
MediumR3 300,00R4 350,00
LargeR3 750,00R4 950,00
X-LargeR5 250,00R6 600,00
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