Lassie Dog Kennel Range

Welcome to our standard dog kennel range.  Our unique dog kennel sizes are designed to optimize space for man’s best friend. Our Lassie Kennel range is our standard kennel option. Built securely it offers your pet protect against the long summer days and wet winter rains. With a waxy residue applied to the exterior the water simply runs offs the panels. The roof structure is also completely waterproof. This kennel offers peace of mind at an affordable price. Available in both a painted and natural finish.

Lassie Dog Kennel Range created by Wood Concept

Size Guide

Price Guide

Lassie Kennel Range
Natural FinishPainted Finish
XsmallR945,00R1 385,00
SmallR1 610,00R2 210,00
MediumR2 200,00R2 965,00
LargeR2 750,00R3 600,00
X-LargeR3 650,00R4 600,00
Lassie Extended Length Kennel Range
Natural FinishPainted Finish
XsmallNo xsmall available in this size
SmallR1 980,00R2 680,00
MediumR2 640,00R3 490,00
LargeR3 050,00R4 050,00
X-LargeR3 900,00R4 900,00
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