Our Painting Process

No short cuts are taken when it comes to the painting of our play houses 

  • Every nail and screw used during the assembly of cladding the panels is filled and sanded down in preparation for painting.
  • A knot sealer is then painted onto every single knot. This greatly reduces the chance of resin discolouring the paint.
  • Oil based wood primer is then applied to the exterior of the unit, followed by a universal undercoat and two coats of acrylic gloss paint.
  • All our paint is sourced from Sabre Paints which we have been using for the last 15 years. In our experience it has added to the longevity of our play houses with minimal maintenance required.
  • Every component goes through this paint process prior to the building and assembly of the unit.
  • The inside of the unit is unpainted.

Our natural finish units have two coats of Waksol applied to the exterior.  Waksol, as the name indicates is a waxy residue which penetrates and soaks into the texture and fiber of the wood as oppose to some varnishers which just sits on the top layer.  The benefit of using Waksol is that the unit does not need to be sanded down during the maintenance process.  Simply apply a fresh coat every 8-12 months so that your wood  does not become dry.

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