Play Houses

Create your dream outdoor play area for your child with our customised or standard range of outdoor play houses.


Outdoor Play & Doll Houses


Our doll houses and outdoor play houses are where big and small dreams come true.  A safe and secure fantasy space right in your very own backyard.

Manufactured from kilned dried pine PAR (planed-all-round) timber for the framing structure and Lapboard material for the walls and floor. This Lapboard material ensures a smooth finish on the inside and out as well as being aesthetically appealing. We proud ourselves in not using wet-off sawn or rough timber as it can pose a safety risk with splinters and does not facilitate the finish that we aim to achieve.

Our units are available in various sizes and all come standard with a 0.600m – 1.000m veranda.  The wall height is 1.445m with a pitch of 1.8m allowing most adults to stand within the unit, creating memorable moments while enjoying a cup of make believe tea with their children.

Our floor is manufactured from authentic 22mmx102mm Lapboard pine flooring. This is treated with two coats of polyurethane varnish which is also used for the external treatment of yachts.

Concerning our windows, safety is of utmost importance. Our frames are fitted with 4mm toughened safety glass manufactured by Nelson Glass & Mirrors. The number and size (single or double)  windows is dependent on the size of your doll house.

The roof is made using OSB board and covered with a material that is waterproof and UV stable.

No short cuts are taken when it comes to the painting of our play houses :

  • Every nail and screw used during the assembly of cladding the panels is filled and sanded down in preparation for painting.
  • A knot sealer is then painted onto every single knot. This greatly reduces the chance of resin discolouring the paint.
  • Oil based wood primer is then applied to the exterior of the unit, followed by a universal undercoat and two coats of acrylic gloss paint.
  • All our paint is sourced from Sabre Paints which we have been using for the last 15 years. In our experience it has added to the longevity of our play houses with minimal maintenance required.
  • Every component goes through this paint process prior to the building and assembly of the unit.
  • The inside of the unit is unpainted.

Our natural finish units have two coats of Waksol applied to the exterior.  Waksol, as the name indicates is a waxy residue which penetrates and soaks into the texture and fiber of the wood as oppose to some varnishers which just sits on the top layer.  The benefit of using Waksol is that the unit does not need to be sanded down during the maintenance process.  Simply apply a fresh coat every 8-12 months so that your wood  does not become dry.

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